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Dr. David Ward

Dr. David Ward is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Language and Literacy Education Program and Trinity Western University’s Bachelor of Education Program. He has worked for a decade in the United States as a Professor of Literacy at Lewis and Clark College and at Willamette University. He serves on several educational boards in the Lower Mainland and continues to consult with various educational bodies in the United States and Canada. He is currently a Superintendent in the Independent school system in BC. David writes academic articles as well as works of fiction, including Trash (Muskeg Press, 2020); Undermine (Archway 2019); Fire in the Sky (Scholastic, 2013) and The Hockey Tree (Scholastic, 2006). He is also a consulting editor for Stories for every classroom: Canadian fiction with characters portraying characters with disabilities (Canadian Scholars Press, 2015).

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