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At BC Association for Advancing Communications, we provide people with tools to develop and improve skills in various programs. Our services develop confidence and empower individuals to reach their full potential at their own pace. The length of our services will be dependent on the needs of the family. Clients will need to have their own AAC device.


Services are available in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.


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We believe in the advancement of communication, education, and literacy for people with diverse abilities. Our work stems from research and findings in everyone's ability to learn, along with our passion and advocacy in leveraging technology to empower individuals in achieving their potential. Our workshops are guided by the principles of inclusion, collaboration, and equity. We encourage everyone to play their part and take an active role. The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within.


Workshops we provide:

  • Ableism, Disability, and Technology

  • What is AAC? (for school staff and caregivers)

  • Implementation strategies for Building Communication and Learning Through AAC

  • Ideas for AAC Apps (for AAC users)

  • Inclusive Makerspace

    • ​Makerspace examined through equity, diversity, inclusion, decolonization, and anti-Racism (EDIDA) frameworks.

  • Literacy for Everyone

    • Foundation for Literacy​

    • Building Literacy Skills

    • Implementation of Assistive Technology 

  • Our Special Needs Journey​

  • Parent Perspectives (support for parents)


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We provide consultation for clients and their community teams looking to support AAC communication and literacy needs. We work with the client's family and teams (i.e. school staff, child care provider, professionals) to support communication needs, assess literacy, and strategize next steps.


For in-clinic speech assessment and therapy services,

contact Speech Meta Therapy Services. Please visit

Contact us for more information.


We provide assessments and recommendations to clients, families, and community teams. Our assessments follow the SETT framework. We take into account each factor (Student, Environment, Task and Tools) and assess whether the goals of an activity and available technology supports access to information and learning. We provide recommendations about Assistive Technology (AT) use and help set communication goals.

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Training & Coaching

A variety of programs are offered to fit everyone’s needs. We focus on promoting literacy for everyone, providing assistive technology training, and supporting AAC users, educators and families. Our training and coaching sessions are customized for your school team and home team based on needs. Whether you want to improve existing skills or expand your horizons, we have experts to help.


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AAC Tutoring

An AAC device can assist a person with diverse needs to communicate, participate, and be included in all aspects of life including education, family, community, employment, and medical care. However, AAC technology is not a magical solution. It is important to provide AAC users with the right support, instruction, and practice to develop communicative competence. Our goal is to enable clients to interact with others for a variety of purposes and activities of their choice. We offer both individual and small group sessions depending on the needs of the client.

"Having a communication device doesn't make you an effective communicator any more than having a piano makes you a musician." (Beukelman, 1991)


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Comprehensive Literacy Instruction

Literacy is for everyone. Working in a supportive environment and with knowledgeable educators, everyone can learn to read and write. It is important for all students, including those with significant disabilities, to acquire critical literacy skills so they can discover new opportunities and reach their potential. We offer individual sessions and small group sessions.


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IEP Planning

An IEP (Individual Education Plan) is an important document for students with diverse needs. It is a tool that outlines and plans for individualized goals and adaptations necessary for measuring and tracking student achievements.

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In-School Field Trips

We offer specialized programs for students to develop skills in becoming respectful and inclusive members within school communities. Our programs consist of hands-on activities that encourage students to be "includers and allies" with their AAC friends. Direct benefits include increased kindness, empathy, inclusion, and friendship amongst peers.


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Let's Work Together

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

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