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Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities

Literacy for Everyone

Let's explore what "reading and writing" means from an inclusive lens, provide educators and family members with useful tools, and support all students along their learning journey. The content in this website stems from research and findings in everyone's ability to learn, along with the authors' passion and advocacy in leveraging technology to empower individuals in achieving their potential.

Books on AAC Users

Joyce Lo, our BCAAC co-founder, published 5 picture books on children who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). 

As a teacher and parent of a child with disabilities, her hope is to have more books in classrooms and homes to increase people's understanding about AAC users, promote inclusion, and embrace diversity.

Feel free to take a look on and you can read for free if you have kindleunlimited. (Search: Joyce Lo aac)

Accessible Online Book Collections

Tar Heel Reader

The Tar Heel Reader website is a free online library for emergent and beginning readers. Tar Heel Reader provides access to easy-to-read books on topics that may be of interest to older students. It also offers the capability for parents and educators to create personalized books for learners.


Bookshare is an accessible online ebook library for educators, students, parents, and adults. People with disabilities and reading barriers can find books and customize their reading experience.

Accessible Book Collection

Accessible Book Collection is an online resource that provides audiobooks for learning, with a focus in supporting people who are visually impaired.

Tumble Book Library

Tumble Book Library is an online database of children's e-books, with a premium subscription option that offers over 1,100 titles for K-6 students that includes animated, talking picture books and videos.

Stories to Grow By

Stories to Grow By is a free online resource that offers bedtime stories, folktales from different places around the world, and a section for educators that includes activity guides and lesson plans.

Online Stories Read Aloud

Storyline Online

Storyline Online offers videos where famous actors (such as Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, and Kevin Costner) read storybooks to improve literacy, foster communication skills, and encourage a passion for reading in children.

Story Place

Launched in 2000, StoryPlace offers children the virtual experience of going to a library and taking part in similar activities that libraries offer at its physical locations.

Digital Libraries

Watch Know Learn

WatchKnowLearn provides free educational videos organized by subject or classroom grade.

Children's Library

The International Children's Digital Library offers a selection of online books categorized by language, format, genre, characters, and fiction/non-fiction. Its mission is to promote education and awareness for diverse cultures through access to global children's literature.

E-Book Apps

Scholastic Storia

Scholastic Storia is subscription-based and offers a comprehensive collection of ebooks for teachers, administrators, librarians, parents, and children. It offers options such as customizable ebook library for classrooms, a record of reading progress, and digital tools and quizzes.


Tales2Go provides an easy and cost-effective option to learning and exposure with sophisticated spoken words by offering over 10,000 audio book titles told by professional narrators.

Digital Book Creation Apps

Book Creator

BookCreator provides educators with additional tools by allowing students to demonstrate their understanding through the creation of a book. It promotes collaboration, engages reluctant writers, and allows for the publication of materials to targeted audiences.


Storykit provides users with an ability to make consistently high-quality videos, with a focus on branding and ease-of-use for editing and production.


With a team of educators, authors, and artists on board, Storybird encourages students to unlock their creative potential and increase their writing skills by creating comics, picture books, poems, short stories, and picture books through the use of their creative, art-inspired writing platform.

Kid in Story

Through the use of pre-made story templates, Kid in Story allows the creation of customized stories with photos of your child or student as the main character.

Sing-Along/Song Lyrics


KIDiddles provides children's songs online with lyrics.


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences allows uses to access popular children's songs, movies, and musicals.

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