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Let the Learning Begin

Promoting and advancing AAC education, literacy, and communication for everyone

What We Do

BCAAC is a non-profit organization focused on promoting literacy for everyone and supporting *AAC users, educators, and families in British Columbia.


People of all abilities have opportunities to communicate and thrive in inclusive environments.


Together we advance *AAC education, literacy and communication for people with diverse abilities.


Empower people to develop communicative competence in *AAC and literacy skills. Promote change through collaboration, relationships, and advocacy.

*AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Message from our Co-founders

BCAAC Co-founders

BCAAC Co-founders:
Joseph Kwan & Joyce Lo 

Our journey into the world of disabilities began when our son was born with a cleft palate and diagnosed with complex communication needs. In raising a child with disabilities, we learned useful tools and strategies from knowledgeable experts, experienced the benefits of assistive technology and literacy, and learned the importance of presuming competence in students.

We are passionate to empower people in developing their skills and achieving their potential. We believe that everybody is unique and every person learns differently. Everyone deserves the opportunity to read, write, and communicate.

Our son's story, passion to support AAC users, and hope for a better world are the foundations of BC Association for Advancing Communications. 

Meeting Learners Where They Are

The needs of every learner are unique. By understanding their individual needs and supporting them with assistive technology, learners will be provided with more opportunities to increase their literacy and communication skills. Our goal is to help learners thrive in the world.

Learning Begins When Opportunities Are Given

In our society, there are often many barriers for people with disabilities to overcome. Some of the common barriers include attitudinal, communication, physical, and social. Barriers make it difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to function.

At BC Association for Advancing Communications, we focus on promoting literacy for everyone and empowering AAC users, educators, and families. We offer specialized training workshops and individualized programs. We support people with diverse abilities and see hope in their future.


“Intentional and strategic inclusive education is possible for schools even during these complex and unusual times. Especially with BCAAC’s expertise and training, we were better equipped and empowered in supporting all of our children in reaching their full potential. Thank you for blessing our school community.”

Grace, Principal

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